Caspian: The Joy-Bringer

Caspian isn’t just a pet, he's part of our team. His radiant energy and contagious goofiness are a daily source of joy and relaxation, an excellent counterbalance to the high-precision work we do. He is the embodiment of our belief that work should be enjoyable and that a happy team builds the best cabinets.

You'll often find Caspian lending a listening ear to team members, breaking the midday monotony with his playful antics, or offering silent support during late-night project rushes. He might not be able to operate a saw or a drill, but he has his own unique way of contributing to our work environment.

More Than a Cabinetry Company

But why do we have a dog in a cabinetry workshop, you may ask? It’s because we’re not just a cabinetry company, we’re a family. And in our family, every member brings their own value, whether that’s craftsmanship, design, customer service, or in Caspian’s case, a whole lot of happiness.

Plan A Visit

We invite you to say hello to Caspian on your next visit. He loves making new friends and would be more than happy to show you around the workshop – well, at least the parts where he's allowed!

Take your next step

Until then, subscribe to our blog for more updates about our team, our work, and, of course, Caspian. We promise there'll be plenty of adorable pictures!

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