In our journey to help you achieve your dream kitchen, we at Bora Cabinetry have a little secret to share. Something that can make your centerpiece kitchen island truly a marvel - a technique we call the 'Phantom Seam.' It’s a simple trick that can add the much-desired WOW factor to your space.

The Art of the Invisible Seam

So, what is a Phantom Seam, you might ask? It’s an approach to joining quartz countertops that make the seams virtually invisible, leading to a smooth, seamless look. This seamless look enhances the natural beauty of your quartz countertop and adds a sophisticated touch to your kitchen.

The Steps to Success

Creating a phantom seam involves careful alignment of your countertops. The pattern and color should match perfectly, and this is easier to achieve with a slab with fewer veins.

Once aligned, we apply a seam adhesive that matches your quartz color along the edge of the countertop. The two pieces are then brought together. Using suction cups and clamps, we apply even pressure for a snug fit, ensuring not to exert too much pressure that could misalign the countertops.

The result is a beautifully seamless countertop, with the seam so invisible it's almost phantom-like.

Experience the WOW Factor

Are you ready to experience the WOW factor in your kitchen? With our craftsmanship and commitment to your vision, we can transform your kitchen with the magic of the phantom seam.

Stay tuned for more insights on achieving the perfect look for your kitchen. And remember, at Bora Cabinetry, your vision is our mission.

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